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I am beyond happy with the cake that I got from The Riverside Hotel, I totally forgot to make a cake for my mom’s birthday and last minute I asked if I can get a cake, 2 hours later I went to pick up the cake and Sabrina which is amazing brought the cake directly to my car. The cake was so tasty, had a gorgeous decoration and everybody liked it.I would definitely recommend and for sure will order again.


@flpastrylife @riversidehotel created the most amazing Reece’s peanut butter cup birthday cake for my 60th b-day. The cake was moist and delicious. Everyone at the party asked where we got it! There is also the sweet tooth dessert box! Ask about that!!

George F.

I ordered an amazing Mango cake filled with flavor that did not disappoint. The cake was not only gorgeous but so moist & delicious. I would order any cake Sabrina makes. She crafts each one with her amazing skills & attention to details. I recommend you try one soon.


Sabrina made the most beautiful 30th birthday cake for my best friend’s celebration! Everyone loved it and I spent weeks afterwards telling everyone how fabulous it was. Looking forward to our next birthday or celebration just so we can order another one.


I was planning a Picnic and was sent to Sabrina for the desserts! When I went to her page and saw her work, no question that she would be making the cake jars for the picnic. Her work is AMAZING. She replied promptly and answered all my questions, not to mention, very friendly and welcoming - virtually and in person. 

Also, as a winner of her weekly sweet tooth dessert box, you MUST follow her socials for giveaways and new sweet treats because they are HEAVENLY.. ART! Sabrina doesn’t know this but I am visiting FL from Canada and now she has a Canadian customer for life. I will fly across the ocean for her desserts! :)


Sabrina made our sons graduation cake exactly how we imagined it. It was the hit of the party and not one crumb was left. It was so detailed and tasted amazing everyone came back for more. The icing was perfect and the Apple cinnamon cake was to die for. I can’t wait for another celebration so I can order more!!


You need to experience these cakes for yourself. About a year ago, I wanted to get my boyfriend a custom birthday cake. At the time I was watching Netflix Sugar Rush Christmas- “Christmas Spirit” when I saw the one of the winners Sabrina, from the episode was a Fort Lauderdale resident. After further investigation and lots of Instagram stalking, I found her page, and I was not disappointed! I reached out to her to see if she can make a hamburger designed birthday cake. The process in ordering the cake was the easiest thing. Sabrina is super accommodating and also super helpful. From the second I picked up the cake from her, I was hooked. The following month I ordered a cake made to look like a “Challah” for my brother. It looked IDENTICAL to a loaf of challah but tasted like marshmallow chocolatey goodness. 

My family was beyond impressed with this cake that we ordered another one for my dad two months later, and the cake was made to look like the NYC skyline. This one was red velvet, and it was without a doubt the best red velvet I have ever had. In October, we had my stepmothers surprise 60th party and Sabrina made a two-tiered cake (one layer was red velvet with chocolate chip cookie dough icing, the other layer was funfetti with vanilla buttercream) and the cake incorporated all of my stepmothers’ favorite things. It was almost too beautiful to eat…we ended out devouring it anyways. But it does not stop there…for my birthday my family ordered a gorgeous chocolate chip cookie cake that was decorated with pink chocolate covered strawberries. It is unbelievable the work that Sabrina does, and I can guarantee I will never be getting a custom cake from anywhere else.  I am a devoted and loyal cake customer to her! 


Hello! So I met the fabulous Sabrina through my friend Lesley! And boy is she some kind of wizard! The desserts Sabrina makes are beyond magical! I've never seen anything like what she can create! If you can think of it Sabrina can make the dream into a reality and be edible! I've had the pleasure of working with her on different orders and everything I've had is beyond delicious! You're in the safest hands when you're with her and her team! They really do their best and make something that is not just beautiful but delicious! It is always a wonderful experience and a happy customer that keeps coming back! ♡ 


Sabrina and her team did a beautiful job on the Mother’s Day cake I requested! I gave them very little direction and they beyond exceeded my expectations. The amaretto cake was delicious and so beautifully decorated! My family will be purchasing all future event cakes from Sabrina and her team!


What can I say. I dropped the ball on ordering my brothers cake for his 50th Birthday. I reached out to Sabrina and she was able to accommodate me. She did an AMAZING job on our cake. Everyone kept saying how beautiful and delicious the cake was. Sabrina is very personable and professional. I told her that going forward, she’s my official cake baker.


What can I say about Sabrina's cakes? If you asked anyone at our wedding what they thought, you would only hear the mmmm's coming out of everyone's mouths. 

Sabrina's cakes are so moist and the flavors that she comes up with are just perfection. The best decision we ever made was to trust in Sabrina's vision and flavor pairings.  

Sabrina paired an apple spice cake with a brown butter frosting for one layer and another layer was an orange cake with a praline frosting. 

Our guests loved the flavors so much, they ordered cakes from her for their birthdays! 


When we went for the tasting I was dead set on a double chocolate wedding cake, but after tasting Chef Sabrina’s sample of cake favors and combinations, we went with the apple cake with praline filling and IT WAS INCREDIBLE. The cake was so delicious and moist- not too sweet so it was perfect with the sweetness from the frosting. Not only was the he flavor of the cake delicious, Chef Sabrina decorated our 3-tiered wedding cake with our flowers perfectly. The combination of fun and elegant was the theme of our wedding and she was able to capture that on our delicious cake. All of our guests raved about it, and all I can say is I’m ready for our 1-year anniversary so I (we) can dive back into this masterpiece. She is truly an outstanding pastry chef and so genuine and kind! 


Pastry chef Sabrina is world-class. Her cakes have become a staple in my family and quickly became the highlight of every event. 


I first learned of Sabrina through her monthly Sweet Tooth dessert subscription.  All of her desserts are not only sinfully delicious but they are creative and absolutely stunning in appearance!!  Anything she makes with chocolate is to die for so much that I recently asked her to make my 40th birthday cakes!  I am super excited to see what she has planned as I know they will be not only delicious but works of art ;o)  On top of her superb baking skills, Sabrina is kind and professional.  I highly recommend her if you need a cake for a special occasion.. or just because! 


It has been such a pleasure working with Sabrina! Her cakes are beyond moist and delicious. Everything looks flawless!! We have ordered a Minnie Mouse Cupcake Cake, A Spider-Man Minon Cake, The Letter G, and a Princess Ariel Cake! In Aug we will be placing an additional two  cake orders!!  Sabrina answers all questions within minutes of reaching out to her! I couldn’t be more happy! Thank you Sabrina!!